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Katherine is short for Katherine Stuart  ////  Founder, president, secretary, assistant and gal friday for Content by Katherine.

Katherine StuartAlways a lover of words, Stuart started her career in advertising, working on such glamorous accounts as D’Con Insecticides and Rodenticides before catching the movie bug, and heading west. A stint as a development executive with Castlerock Entertainment led to a job with director Ron Underwood on the now classic film “City Slickers”. She stayed with Ron while he formed Stampede Entertainment, and helped to develop his next feature, “Heart & Souls”, with the sublime Robert Downey, Jr..

Stuart’s development career culminated with Dan Curtis Productions where, after developing the Emmy award winning Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “The Love Letter”, she decided to take her own stab at writing. After 10 years of telling other writers what to do, how hard could it be? Very, it turns out. Six scripts later, Stuart found herself loving the writing, but missing the collaborative aspect of an office. Which is why she jumped at the chance to write the website for a friend’s new accessories business.

So, she took her skill for spinning a phrase, her ability to write “in character”, her organizational know-how, and her deep desire to help others, and started her own business writing websites. And blogs. And newsletters. And marketing materials. And website evaluations. And… well, you get the picture.

Stuart currently resides in Los Angeles where the traffic is horrible, but the weather is fabulous.